The journey began with two girls, one passion, and a vision to globalize Asian beauty and skincare on a household scale. Hailing from New York City, we have had the privilege of being exposed to a variety of different products. Curious and undeterred, we turned to the web and spent countless hours researching new or popular products and where to source them without paying for shipping rates that would nearly double the cost. Despite doing so, there was never a guarantee that these products would match our expectations.

             Fast forward a decade later, Asian beauty and skincare is now increasingly recognized all over the world for its revolutionary, effective, innovative, and even "fun" products. With major beauty retailers spotlighting Asian brands, the increased exposure has also resulted in an increased accessibility of products in the global market. But this change has also raised new questions for us - which products work? What should we get? Where should we get it?

            What Is Next was founded with the desire to eliminate the guess work, minimize the unused products in your drawer, and to introduce you to various premium quality products at an affordable cost. We believe that beauty is universal and thus the instruments of beauty should be universally accessible. Asian beauty and skincare products should not be a desired luxury, but an essential part of your everyday routine. At What Is Next, we seek to transform your routine one deluxe sample at a time. We do the research, we do the testing, and what we love - we bring to you.

We hope you'll embrace our vision and join us on our exciting journey to launch our kit. 

Never stop wondering - What Is Next?